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   The Nomadic Tents Film Project is a crowdfunded educational exploration of the architecture and traditional technology of the Nenets people in western Siberia. 

   The primary goal of the NTFP is to produce a short film and booklet about the reindeer-skin tents of the Nenets, to be shared freely on the Internet.  The project currently includes the work of photographers from 3 countries, and is made possible by generous donations from dozens of individuals in 6 countries. 

   check out the                                       with the project description, or to make a contribution to support our work, follow this link:


Kevin Nielsen (Director/Videographer)

Kevin has long been a student of nomadic architecture, ancestral technologies and photography.

He hopes that sharing a peek into a traditional nomadic home will show the beauty of the technology that allows people to thrive in a brutal environment while living sustainably, as well as raise awareness about challenges that traditional nomadic cultures face in an increasingly regulated world and the importance of giving them the space they need to keep their traditions alive.

Allison Barrett (Writer/Editor)

Allison is an independent filmmaker and multimedia producer with a background in journalism. Most of her current work takes place at the intersection between water issues, equity and community health. She works independently and in collaboration with studios, non-profits and grassroots organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Her work includes the documentary film project, Sisters and Rivers.   


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